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Community CablevsionSnowy Reception
Possible Causes: VCR or Video Game has been left on; Use of inferior cable or splitters; Poor connections; Excessive splitting of the signal; Stapling or nailing into cable.

Possible Causes: Damaged, loose or improperly installed connections; Cut or squirrel-chewed cable.

Only Receiving Channels 2-13
Cause: Your TV has lost its cable setting. Refer to your owner’s manual or on-screen menu for instructions on switching your setting from Air or Antenna to Cable or CATV.

Audio Does Not Match Program
Cause: Some stations transmit a another audio signal through SAP (Second Audio Program). Access your audio settings on your TV and switch from SAP to mono or stereo.

“Sun Spots” or “Sun Outages”
This natural phenomenon occurs in the spring and fall every year. At the same time each day for about a week the sun is in line with the satellites from which we receive programming and our receiving equipment on earth. This causes fuzziness, sparkles, and even loss of programming that will last 5 to 15 minutes. Local channels are not affected.

Ocassionally, and also during certain times of the year, we may experience co-channel on local broadcast stations. Atmospheric conditions allow the unwanted reception of a distant broadcast station that interferes with our local broadcast signal. This causes lines and possibly images of the distant signal imposed on our local signal. As technology improves and more digital signals become available from our local broadcast providers, co-channel interference will no longer be a problem.


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